Since the launch of the Altitude, we've been blown away by the positive feedback. We’ve received tons of comments and compliments from all of you. But the question that’s come up over and over again is: How do I style this watch? The Altitude is our most casual collection to date, but don’t take that to mean you can wear it with just anything. It’s still a bold and stylish look, and you should dress like you’re going to have to talk to the strangers whose eye it catches.

So in honor of our newest collection, and to finally put this question to rest, we’re showing you how to style this modern classic, three ways.

1. The Matte Black Pine

As we said, the Altitude is a casual watch, and the Matte Black/Pine is no exception. However, even when you’re dressing down, you still want to look put together. With its rich green dial and sandy gray strap, this watch is going to be the thing that elevates your everyday. Here are a couple of ways you can style it.

Try it with a black jean jacket, blue or black jeans, and a t-shirt in a dark color. It makes for a neutral look that’s perfect for cooler days and nights. You could wear it out to a BBQ, a casual bar, or just around town during the day. If black is not your thing, you can also wear this watch with other complementary green colors like camo or even an olive green button-up.

2. Silver/Desert Gray

The Silver/Desert Gray is the perfect combination of rugged and refined. Despite its lighter color palette, this watch can be worn in any season or paired with darker colors if necessary. The bright white face stands out against anything, so no matter what you pair it with people will still notice every detail. We suggest wearing the Silver/Desert Gray with jeans, a light gray or white shirt, and a light tan jacket. Casual never looked so polished.

3. Silver/Navy

The blue sunray dial and distressed brown strap of the Altitude Silver/Navy might make it the boldest watch in the collection. When you wear it, you’ll be making a statement. Wear it with a gray sweater and dark blue jeans to play up the blue in the dial. For extra style, try adding layers to make your look more complex. Throw on a blue collared shirt under your sweater and a brown jacket over that.

We hope these three style tips give you some inspiration for how to wear your Altitude. Shop the entire collection HERE. Let us know what other watches you want to see styled by messaging us on Instagram.

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