Since the 1930s, racing and watches have gone hand and hand. Partially because both depend on precise mechanics, but perhaps more so because nothing tells the world what you're about more than your car and your watch.

With this in mind, we wanted the Apex to be not only a functional ode to the daring history of motorsports but also a badass statement-making collection that turns heads like a luxury car.

Because the Apex is like nothing we have ever done before, we are taking you behind the design so you can see how our newest collection came to be and what makes it the most modern and aggressive style we've ever created.


In the world of racing, timing is everything. Similarly, in the world of Vincero, speed is something we strive for. Not out of a desire to come in first, but because of a consistent desire to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Our Apex chronograph was built to honor both time and speed and give guys the confidence to go the extra mile.

We wanted a watch that inspired people to pursue their goals with a bit of reckless abandon. As such, we designed the Apex as a reminder that the top should be your standard, not your limit.


Inspired by contemporary sports cars, the Apex blends head-turning details and incredible durability, for an aggressive and edgy look to complement your fast-paced life. We worked for months and went through dozens of samples to make every detail in this collection badass.

The Apex features two hallmarks of any classic racing watch: a tachymeter on the outer bezel and a stopwatch function. Design details with purpose, the tachymeter and chronograph not only mimic the dynamic dashboard of a sports car, but can also be used to calculate time and distance.

The Apex also features Swiss lume in the hands and indices, 10 ATM water resistance, a crown guard, and a new aluminum bezel to make the watch more durable. Combined with the exotic color combinations in the collection, the Apex has a style that is ahead of the curve.

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The Apex is a bold display of function, uncompromising style, and edgy aesthetics. With a design this bold, you can let your watch do all the talking wherever you go.

Shop our newest collection and make sure you tag us in your Instagram photos so the whole community can see how your rock your Apex.

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