The Kairos Vs. The Chrono S

The Kairos Vs. The Chrono S

If you’re new to watches, they can all sort of look the same. For example, take our Chrono S and Kairos collections. They are two of our most popular collections, and at first glance, they just look like two sick watches. But the thing to remember with timepieces is that it’s all about the details.

As popular as the Chrono S and Kairos are, they each have different details that make them unique, and thus better for different occasions. It’s kind of like sneakers vs. oxfords, both shoes, but you would only use one to run a marathon. Since these collections are fan-favorites, we wanted to give a comprehensive breakdown of what makes these watches different, what they have in common, and hopefully, by the end, you have an idea of which one fits you the best.

Bold Vs. Paired Down

The Chrono S was our first collection, so I guess you could say we went all out. When we followed it up with the Kairos, we wanted to make something that contrasted the in-your-face design of the Chrono S with a design that was cleaner.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The Chrono S is (obviously) a chronograph. If you don’t know what a chronograph is, don’t worry, there’s a blog for that. At its most basic, chronograph watches have a stopwatch movement built-in and have different subdials. When looking at the Kairos and Chrono S side by side, the subdials of the Chrono S stand out immediately. The face of the Kairos does not have these subdials. Instead, it is more minimal with only a date window.

The differences in design don’t stop there. In general, the Kairos is more paired down when compared to the bold look of the Chrono S. The case of the Kairos is slightly smaller than the original Chrono S, making its profile more slim and sleek. Further differentiating the look of the two collections, the Chrono S has three pushers on the side (used to operate the stopwatch function), versus the one on the Kairos.

Overall, the Chrono S is more striking on sight. It has a bolder look that people are going to notice immediately. The Kairos is a little more understated. Both will catch the eye, but the Chrono makes a bigger statement.

Classy Vs. Casual

When it comes to wearing these styles, remember the shoe analogy from up top. The Chrono S and Kairos are both watches, but how you utilize each one, is very different.

The Kairos is a watch for your downtime. It’s not as fancy and was crafted to elevate your casual looks. When you’re out on the weekends, at a BBQ, running errands, at a sporting event or just watching the game, or at any other laid-back occasion, the Kairos is the watch you want on your wrist. You won’t look overdressed, just polished. The Kairos gives your jeans and t-shirt looks a touch of sophistication, so no matter where your weekend takes you, you’re ready.

The Chrono S takes it up a notch. This is a bold watch for when the occasion calls for something a little more classy. This watch was designed to pair with suits without feeling stuffy or formal. It’s elegant enough to pair with a suit and wear to work or interviews, and edgy enough to pair with a cool leather jacket or blazer and wear out on a date or a cocktail-attire event. It’s made to catch the eye on those occasions when you want to stand out.

Versatility All-Around

The Chrono S and Kairos are two very different collections, but they do have one big thing in common. They are both extremely versatile.

The Kairos and Chrono S are made so that you could wear one watch all day. Both allow you to go from day-to-night. With the Chrono S, you can go from the boardroom to happy hour. The Kairos can take you from a weekend morning at a coffee shop to a Saturday night at a bar. Adding to the versatility of these watches is the fact that both feature interchangeable bands. This allows you to mix it up so that your watch can always go with whatever you’re wearing. Endless combinations are what we’re all about.

No matter which style you choose, both will be watches you wear day-in-and-day-out. We hope this breakdown helps you make a choice on what style you want. What other styles do you want to see compared? Let us know on Instagram. You can shop all of our collections HERE.

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