Behind The Design: The Rhea

Behind The Design: The Rhea

When we started Vincero our lineup consisted of only men's watches. We've come a long way since then, and as we've grown, we've added women's watches to our arsenal of products.

It all started with the Eros. Then the Kleio. Then the Ava. Now, we're stepping it up again on the women's side with the launch of the Rhea. If you haven't gotten a chance to meet the new girl, now is your chance. We're once again taking you behind the design so you can see how we made the Rhea bold in the best way possible.


There is a reason behind everything we do, especially when it comes to creating new collections. Every new style starts with us asking ourselves what else we can offer people to elevate their style and empower them day-to-day. When we were looking at all of our women's designs, we realized we needed something bigger, bolder, and more striking. Thus the Rhea was made.

As our first-ever boyfriend watch, the Rhea captures the spirit of Vincero perfectly. In many ways, this launch represents an evolution for us. It's the first time we've designed a women's watch to be as bold as our men's watches.

From its inception, the Rhea was made to make you stand taller and feel powerful. We wanted a women's design that didn't pull punches - a true statement piece that was special enough to be worn alone. It's perfectly polished for the office and special occasions, but versatile enough to elevate your streetwear.

Simply put, it's the ultimate statement accessory you'll never want to leave home without, and when you wear it, our hope is that you feel as bold as the watch.


Starting with the face, we did several things we've never done on a women's watch. First, we included a date window. It's been a widely requested feature from our audience and this was the perfect collection to do it on. It adds an element of function to the collection because, at the end of the day, it's a timepiece.

Also for the first time, we included studs on the rim of the dial, and this our first time using numbers and not Roman Numerals for indices. All these elements up the sophistication level and add edge, which is exactly what we're going for.

To keep the bold look, we launched the Rhea collection with a stainless steel band that blends polished and brushed finishes, similar to our steel Kleios. The difference is the steel band on the Kleio is tapered (meaning it gets smaller at the end with the clasp), while the Rhea is not. This means the Rhea is a little chunkier and the design is a little more in your face. The stainless steel makes the watch stand out and adds durability so you can wear it anywhere and not worry about damaging it.

Like all of our women's watches, the Rhea does have interchangeable straps, so if you want to see leather or mesh with this design you can make your own unique combo.

Creating the Rhea was a balancing act. It had to be strong and edgy, but not lose femininity. It had to be captivating without being flashy, and aggressive while still being sophisticated. It took us outside our comfort zone, but we couldn't be happier with the risk. Enjoy the bold collection.

You can shop the full collection here, and let us know on Instagram what you think of the new design.

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